LIST - 5 must-see social media infographics

Author: Michelle Pallis, Copywriter | 27/03/2013

Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words, but what happens when you combine the two? Infographics have revolutionised the way we browse the web and, in turn, how we absorb facts. Though the concept of data visualisation is nothing new, the prominence of blogs and image-led social media platforms like Pinterest has truly proven that sometimes the designer’s stylus is mightier than the pen. (Or keyboard!)

As we grow increasingly accustomed to bright, colourful and bite-sized visualisations of what once was presented in dense statistics and complex data, finding the best, most-useful infographics has become something of a task.

We thought we'd save you some time by presenting you with a short list of our favourite social media infographics. Enjoy!

1. Social Media Explained
Social media is complicated: Bacon is not. That’s the guiding principle behind this brilliant design by Corey Smith, which likens each of the major platforms to a bacon-inspired activity. Read this and you may find you have a sudden craving for a bacon butty every time you update your Twitter – don’t say we didn’t warn you!
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2. 36 rules of social media
Social media can be intimidating. It seems like every day there are new features to navigate and policies to grapple with. We love this infographic not just because it’s colourful and easy to read, but also because it transcends a single platform to illustrate best practice procedures that work across the social media spectrum.
3. How to avoid a social media crisis
It’s one thing to be on social media, it’s another entirely to avoid being sucked into an ugly online conflict. Unfortunately, the benefits of open interaction come with some very real downsides – therefore, any good social media strategy will be based on a solid crisis-management policy. Not sure what you need to do before you start your first social media accounts? This infographic will tell you all you need to know.
4. Who rules social media? A look at social media impact by non-profit issues
Often, the best way to learn about social media is by example. This infographic demonstrates what the top 50 NfPs are doing to stay at the height of their game on social - not to mention how it illustrates what's most important: impact.
5. Storytelling: One frame at a time
Social media platforms are ideal for telling stories. Whether you want to share a video about how your charity has helped its beneficiaries or create an infographic about the history of your NfP, choosing the right platform for your medium can only amplify your message.
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